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Wedding Proof Prints – Colorado Wedding Photography

Yesterday one of my brides came by the office to pick up her wedding collection.    For me even if the client doesn’t purchase an album it doesn’t mean they don’t get anything other than a string of ZERO’s and ONE’s (i.e. digital image file) on a disc or USB thumb drive, I’m a stickler for something physical – something that I know will be around in fifty years.   That’s why for the past several years now all of my wedding collection coverages include a full set of proof prints.

It’s not an add-on.
It’s not an option.
All my wedding clients get proof prints…..

To me the perfect way for a bride and groom to view their wedding day images is after a dinner, maybe with a bottle of wine, and going through the box of images, reliving those moments, not staring at hundreds of thumbnails on a computer screen.   There is a value in the physical that truly transcends the out of pocket costs I have to print these images.

And in all these years I’ve yet to have a client that seemed more excited to get that little USB thumb drive (or disc a few years ago) than they where to go through the prints.

Wedding Proof Prints

  • In a few years, that thumb drive might not even be readable… something tangible to look at is definitely an awesome option!! 🙂

  • Celine

    I also agree that prints are super important!! I didn’t get any from my wedding photographer though, i might have to order some…
    Where do you print your proof prints??

  • I get mine through one of two professional companies, WHCC and Richards photo Lab. Since they tend to only let professional photographers access their services I often refer my clients to MPIX.COM They are the puplic side of Miller’s Photo and do a wonderful and consistent job and at a fair price.