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Andy and Angela’s Rainy Day Wedding

While it started like any other wonderful Saturday wedding in Colorado – it wouldn’t be long before that changed.

While everyone hopes that if it does rain on their wedding day – it only sprinkles for a little bit, just enough to soak in some of the legendary good luck.    Colorado’s weather normally seems to be just that – a little rain – but it blows over in 20 minutes.   But not always, not this summer, not this day.



As the ceremony started it was just that sprinkle, nothing that sharing some umbrellas couldn’t deal with.




But as the music announced the bride was about to make her entrance, well lets just say things got a little more intense.



I’m a big believer in the fact that rain only ruins your wedding day if you let it.


The living room isn’t my first choice for the formal photos – but with a studio light, umbrella, and a 28mm lens and you can do a lot in a pinch.


Just as the last of the light was fading it did stop raining enough to go out on the grounds and get some bride and groom shots.


Friends and Family:   Be sure to visit Andy and Angela’s Wedding Collection to view everything from the day when it’s released (next week).


And of course a slideshow for the day:




And many thanks to the other vendors.  When things go perfect it’s always easier, but on a day like this one is where the hard work of these people really shows.

Venue: Dunafon Castle
Caterer: Culinary Group Caterers
Entertainment DJ Guy