Birth Stories – Nick, Nikki and Mavyn

A little while back I gave a sneak peak of Mavyn’s Birth Story – well I was holding out on some film I shot to do the full post and I got it back last week.

So here’s a few more images and a slideshow.  After the slideshow I’ll talk about birth stories in general.


So a few things about birth stories and my approach.

The birth of a child is one of those life moments where the story is so much more than just that first portrait – it’s the family and love surrounding that moment.   When captured with a photojournalistic or documentary style it is an amazing collection of images telling an even more amazing story.

Since few of these images will likely be printed to large pieces of wall art – this type of coverage is meant for a book or album.  The strength of the shots is in how they work together to tell a story.

I also do all my work like this in black and white only.   Lets face it, this day is stressful, hectic and sometimes even a bit messy and there’s no make up artist on set. 🙂  So black and white is the perfect choice – and besides it’s an amazing timeless look.

I capture these in both digital and B&W film using my favorite “story telling camera’s” – a Fuji Xpro-1 (most often with a Leica lens mounted on it and focused manually) for digital and my Leica M6 for film.  Both allow me to work quietly and without being too much of a distraction and are easy to manual focus in tough lighting.

If you think this is a story I can capture for you drop me a note and I’ll be happy to go over the details.