If you don’t want to hate your wedding photos – check out these 11 tips

Offbeat Bride has some great inspiration from time to time, and this time it’s on what the bride and groom can do to make sure they don’t hate their wedding photos.




While all the items are valid I’ve seen numbers 4-8 to be the biggest headaches for me over the last year or two.

4: Delete your Pinterest wedding boards
Mark Twain said, “Comparison is the death of joy.”
Those where either someone else’s wedding or a posed wedding theme shoot where they had all day to shoot 20 images, your wedding pictures will never look the same – they’ll be uniquely yours however.

5: The Time Warp
All those posed shots, family and wedding party shots – be it formals or doing the Toyota Jump shot – all have something in common.   They take time.

6: No laser lights
Leave the laser lights where they belong, with the rest of your high school prom memories.

7: Watch the drinking
No there isn’t a photoshop action to get that “three sheets” look of your face.

8: Unplug your wedding ceremony
This was the year of iPads being used to record video of the ceremony.   The amount of that devices being held overhead or shoved into the isle (both being horribly obvious in any wide ceremony shots) was astonishing.

But all of the advice in the blog post is well worth reading.