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Dunafon Castle Winter Wedding – Tyler and Lindsey

2013 was a wonderful year, lots of first.   I wanted to get the last post of the year done with the last wedding of the year, and for the last it had some wonderful firsts.

If you’ve seen all the wonderful Dunafon weddings on the blog, you’ll notice that this was the first Dunafon Winter wedding.   Now there’s a good reason for this – Dunafon is an amazing spring/summer/fall venue – but the logistics of pulling off a winter wedding here are pretty darn challenging.   Of course Tyler and Lindsey weren’t your average Dunafon clients – but rather Dunafon family.   For family the obstacles were tackled.


Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0429Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0430Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0431Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0432Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0433Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0434Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0435Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0439Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0440Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0441Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0442Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0443Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0444Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0445Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0446Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0447Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0448Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0449Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0450Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0451Dunafon Castle Wedding Photographer_0452

and of course a video slideshow