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What Pictures are REALLY important on your wedding day.

I came across this blog post today – and it’s one of those that should be required reading.

The industry has become a place where the fashion and glamour of the industry has gained more focus than what your wedding day should really be about – the relationships around you – friends and family.

Instead we have wedding blogs filled with endless detail shots, photographers who shoot more “Styled Shoots” (with models and hours to grab a handful of good images instead of real couples and finding their creativity on the fly of a hectic wedding day).


The writer of this article states a few things that I couldn’t agree more with:


But you know why I REALLY do what I do?

To photograph your parents, who will hold hands and cry on the first row of the chapel. To photograph your sister dancing with that boy she will marry in three years. To photograph those kids who will grow up so, so quickly. To photograph your grandfather, who will pass away next spring. To photograph your first kiss as a married couple, your best friend busting out her signature dance moves, the flower girl asleep under a table, and maybe even your ex looking pretty wistful as he hugs you a little too long in the receiving line.

But my job — MY job — is to see past all that. My job is to give you photos that will remind you why you had that damn expensive party in the first place.


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