L&Z Family Photography – Film Session

So when I got my hands on my “new to me” Mamiya RZ67  and wanted to get some practice using it I reached out and a former model and friend asked if we could do a shoot with her and her son.   Now I’m not by trade a family photographer, but I’ll make exceptions for friends, and of course former wedding clients, well and of course for people who can afford me, and of course for people who ask me when I’m in a good mood, but really other than that I’m not a family photographer. 🙂


So we met and with a bag full of film camera loaded and ready to go her headed out.

The cameras for the day (and not a single autofocus setup in the bunch)

A Canon AE-1 from the late 70’s (and pretty much the type of camera I learned to shoot on)

My favorite portrait camera, the Pentax 645N (which normally will autofocus, but the 67 105mm lens I have adapted to work on it is manual focus only)

and the new to me beast, the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II (whose lens is bigger than most of my other gear)

Film was a combination of some Fuji 400H I had leftover and genuine Kodak Portra 400 film

Film was processed and scanned at The FIND Lab