Road Trip: Hotchkiss Colorado

For me vacation time means road trip, getting out of the larger cities and hitting the smaller highways.   This last spring my wife and I found a little place near Hotchkiss Colorado on AirBnB – it was a bit big and overkill for the two of us and our dog – but it was quiet and secluded.   BTW, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to unwind and I think in the fall as all the orchards pull in their harvest the place would be amazing.

Between the drive out to Hotchkiss and several days spent visiting the towns in the area we shot a fair amount of film, here’s some of my favorites.

All film was processed and scanned by The FIND Lab.


First some of my favorites shot on my Leica M6.

Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0198Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0199Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0200Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0201Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0202Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0203Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0221

Of course I didn’t leave my Canon AE-1 at home either.

Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0222Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0223

The Fuji GA645 medium format camera proved to be a wonderful walking camera – small (isn) and light – yet that 120 film and 645 format I love so much. Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0204Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0205Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0206Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0207Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0208Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0209Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0210Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0211Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0212Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0213Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0214Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0215

And while not a great walking around camera the Mamiya RZ67 proII medium format camera (aka The Beast) did a superb job when it was called upon. Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0216Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0217Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0218Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0219Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0220


Now it wasn’t an entire film fest.  My wife brought along the Fuji S1 for some quick and easy digital work. Denver  Photographer_0224Denver  Photographer_0225Denver  Photographer_0226