First Results in from the Nikon F100

So earlier this year I ditched all of my Canon digital gear – I’d reached a point where the Fuji X cameras (Fuji XT-1 and XE-2) where all the digital gear I needed since so much of my work was transitioning back to film. With the Canon lenses being sold I also sold my Canon EOS film cameras, but kept the much older Canon AE-1’s.

But I started missing a 35mm film camera with auto focus and auto advance, while I adore my AE-1’s and Leica’s for 35mm film – they are all manual focus and manual advance – and there are times you just need auto focus and the ability to fire a quick frame or three.  So wanting to try something different I picked up a used Nikon F100 and a basic 50mm F1.4 lens.

Here’s some of the results from a test roll and a roll I shot at a wedding a few weeks later off the camera.   Loving the results so far, I’ve since added a 24mm lens to the bag for it and might have to get the 85mm at some point.


Denver  Fine Art Film Photographer_0280Denver  Fine Art Film Photographer_0281Denver  Fine Art Film Photographer_0279

The shots of Porthos (dog) and Ninja (cat) where also testing the SB-24 flash unit.

Denver  Fine Art Film Photographer_0282Denver  Fine Art Film Photographer_0283Denver  Fine Art Film Photographer_0284Denver  Fine Art Film Photographer_0285Denver  Fine Art Film Photographer_0286Denver  Fine Art Film Photographer_0287