Annie Portrait Session

I’ve often said one of the greatest gifts a photographer can have is a lot of friends who don’t object to getting their pictures taken.   When I recently wanted to try out some new gear and posted on Facebook that I was looking for a redhead to pose for me, my good friend Annie volunteered.

Gear List Film
Pentax 645n medium format camera with a 67 105mm lens adapted to it.
Mamiya RZ67 ProII with the 110mm F2.8 lens
Leica M6 with the Leica 90mm Tele-Elmarit

for Digital
Fuji X-T1 with a Helios 44-2 lens


Denver  Wedding Photographer_0358Denver  Wedding Photographer_0359Denver  Wedding Photographer_0360Denver  Wedding Photographer_0361Denver  Wedding Photographer_0362Denver  Wedding Photographer_0363Denver  Wedding Photographer_0364Denver  Wedding Photographer_0365

Until next time,


  • Lisa O'Dwyer - August 20, 2014 - 10:14 am

    Love them! My favorite it top right of her resting on the tree.

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