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Shooting at Night with Film – FIND Workshop – Film Is Not Dead

In August of this year I had the pleasure to attend the FIND (or Film Is Not Dead) Workshop hosted by film photographer and author Jonathan Canlas.  While there’s a larger post/review in the works I wanted to share a few images from a late (like midnight late) night photo walk down around Colfax just east of the capital building.   Being one of the few Denver residents of this workshop I did recommend the safety in numbers approach and between one large group, and later two smaller groups I think everyone had a great time.

My night shots were captured on a tripod mounted Mamiya RZ67 ProII an amazing studio and fine art camera.  Film was Fuji’s 400H.   Exposures where 30-60 seconds at F8.

It’s been a long time since I’ve shot long exposure on print film, when I shot stuff like this back in the last century it was usually slide film so I would have to worry about some machine figuring my dark skies needed to be medium grey, but with the right film and a pro lab like FINDLab the results where wonderful.

Prints are available in my Personal Projects Gallery.


Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0514Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0516Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0515Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0511Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0513Denver Fine Art Film Photographer_0512

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