Creative Work with J-Chan’s Designs & Adriana

Back in September I had the chance to do a wonderful creative shoot with J-Chan’s designs and  artist and model Adriana.  While I had intended to make it a strict B&W film shoot – a roll of color and some digital still snuck in.

Today I’m just going to give a peek at something from each camera used in the shoot.   Since I just sold all the film cameras used here to raise money for Porthos this shoot will be good for me to refer back to to decide which if any of these cameras I’ll replace when I can.


First up is the digitals.   One bonus about digital is that since I am in effect the lab on these (at least for personal work) I can make it as moody as I want without having to hope the lab got the vibe I was going for.

Shot on the Fuji XT-1 and the 56mm F1.2 lens

Denver Wedding Photographer_0722Denver Wedding Photographer_0723


Now lets take a peek at the color roll that made it in the mix.  This was shot on a 1958 Rolleiflex using Kodak 800 film.   The way this camera renders the background is just stunning.

Denver Wedding Photographer_0724


Next up is some 35mm film with a Nikon F100 and a 50mm F1.4 lens.   The film was a ISO 25 PolyPan movie film which I’ve had some stunning results with.

Denver Wedding Photographer_0725


And finally the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with good old TRI-X.    Pretty sure I had an yellow or orange filter on it with that crazy contrast.

Denver Wedding Photographer_0726


Later this week I’ll look to doing separate posts for each camera body to look at it’s best (and worst) aspects.