J-Chan and Adriana – Nikon F100 and PolyPan F from Film Photography Project

So next up on the list is a look at some of the shots I got on the shoot with fashion designer J-Chans and model Adriana with the Nikon F100.

For the camera it was an old Nikon F100 and a 50mm 1.4 lens.   Probably some of the best film camera you can buy for the money.   Great autofocus and wonderful meter.

For film this was PolyPan F from the Film Photography Project store and developed at The Darkroom.   This film is prone to a nice bit of bloom with bright highlights – but it’s only ISO 50.  Normally I only shoot this stuff on a rangefinder camera like a Leica that can handle slower shutter speeds hand held – here there’s a touch of softness from shooting wide open and under 1/60th of a second most of the time.

And yes this body and lens where sold for Pothos’s surgery.

Mark Hayes Photography_0770Mark Hayes Photography_0771Mark Hayes Photography_0772Mark Hayes Photography_0773Mark Hayes Photography_0774


Despite the fact I’m down to just a pair of Canon AE-1’s for film cameras I expect to grab more of this to shoot from time to time.