Porthos – 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

Porthos waiting for his pre-surgery checkup at VRCC.

Mark Hayes Photography_0781


Well with the liquidation of most of my photography gear we had the funds needed for the cataract surgery in place, now to do the pre-surgery checkup of the eyes, retina’s, optic nerve, etc to make sure everything looked good for the surgery.

The good news is everything in the eyes look perfect for the surgery.

The bad news, really, really, bad news – is the found ketones, indicating diabetic ketoacidosis.  It probably just from high blood sugar, he was only diagnosed with diabetes in June and we likely need to just modify his insulin dosage.    But with the issues this can cause we have to postpone his surgery that was scheduled this week.

Instead he’ll go in for a day long glucose curve and see if we can get everything stabilized, if so we’ll shoot for the surgery the following week.

  • Lani Kian

    Hope his health improves/stabilizes. Thinking healthy thoughts for that adorable sweetheart!!

  • Chris Martin

    Hope theres been improvement in the little ones health!