Out of the box

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this site (markhayesphotography.com instead of the new foreverfilm.photography site).  Since closing down the business last year, and selling off all my gear to finance the eye surgery for my dog Porthos, I’ve been a bit in limbo as to where to go next.   I have been able to slowly replace some of my gear – focusing on the film gear first – I started a new site to post “film only” updates to; foreverfilm.photography

So for the last 8 months I’ve pretty much thrown myself into 100% film photography, which is great except for the fact I’ve been missing some of my Fuji digital gear and have a used XT-1 on the way now.  I think throwing myself into all or nothing with the film/digital debate just really isn’t who I am as an artist these days.   While I adore the look and feel of film in the medium format use, for 35mm I’m not as much a fanboy – and there are things that digital just lends itself to in a way that works for me better, such as 35mm low light B&W work.

So now I’m toying with post some stuff here once again, personal work (since I no longer do weddings/commercial work) and not items that are 100% film based.  It seems a slightly better use of the site than leaving it as a unchanging testament, a gravestone, to wedding and commercial work long since departed.    Leave the wedding items there in the history but continue to post about where I’m going moving forward, after all just as my personal work influenced those weddings, so to does the wedding work influence my personal style and work.   I am Mark Hayes – Photographer and I’ve shot commercial stock, fine art nudes, weddings, engagements, birth stories, creative film work, and have a long list of personal projects.

Maybe I’ve just got to quit trying to define myself.  Sure “Mark Hayes – Wedding Photojournalist” might have been how I wanted to define myself to Google in the past – but those days are over.  Time to get out of the box.

This site is now less and advertising portfolio as it was when the wedding business was up and running, and now just an ongoing collection of my work – all of it.  Some of it’s film, some of it’s digital.  Some traditional and some off the wall experimental.  But it all expresses something that I’m trying to express.