Some people might have noticed that there’s not been a new wedding post of any type since last fall, and there’s a reason for this.   While I don’t want to get bogged down in all the details there are some medical reasons why I’m stepping back from weddings and Mark Hayes Photography as a business entity ended last year.     At this point I haven’t ruled out coming back at some point down the road, but with 100+ weddings under my belt, this might be time to move on for good as well.

Of course this doesn’t mean I’ve stopped shooting – but for now I’m shooting my own art projects and just focusing on my own creative outlets, and the occasional family shoot for former clients.

While I expect to shoot the occasional wedding for special people, or assist friends on weddings they’ve booked from time to time, every contact I’ve received in the last 6 months has been forwarded to other photographers.

So it’s been great, and if I don’t come back to weddings I walk away knowing I have a huge body of work out there that has already become part of many families history – while I may never be famous, my work will be cherished long after I’m gone.  Not many artists can be sure of that.

So for those of you who have found this site from following links back from the numerous mentions of us on wedding blogs or referred by former clients and venues I have a few recommendations for you.

If what has inspired you most of my work is the wedding photojournalism I have two people you should consider.

First and foremost is Brian Kraft.   A wonderful photographer, and for those Dunafon clients he has had experience up at the castle.

Another wonderful photojournalist styled photographer is Preston Utley.


Now in the last few years I’ve been going back to medium format film for amazing portraits.   If that’s the part of my work that inspires you most I strongly suggest you reach out to Lisa O’Dwyer.   I’ve had her assist me before up at Dunafon Castle so she is familiar with the property, and having been a successful wedding photographer in Ireland I dare say she may be the only photographer in the state who has shot as many castle weddings as I have.

Another wonderful film photographer who has experience up at the castle is Sarah Rose Burns.   Her coverage of Emily and Rebecca’s wedding  up at Dunafon Castle is truly breathtaking and is spoken of highly by the staff up at Dunafon.

As for me – I’m off to do my own thing for a while and working on seeing if I’m able – and have the desire – to return for the 2016 or 2017 wedding seasons.




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Porthos waiting for his pre-surgery checkup at VRCC.

Mark Hayes Photography_0781


Well with the liquidation of most of my photography gear we had the funds needed for the cataract surgery in place, now to do the pre-surgery checkup of the eyes, retina’s, optic nerve, etc to make sure everything looked good for the surgery.

The good news is everything in the eyes look perfect for the surgery.

The bad news, really, really, bad news – is the found ketones, indicating diabetic ketoacidosis.  It probably just from high blood sugar, he was only diagnosed with diabetes in June and we likely need to just modify his insulin dosage.    But with the issues this can cause we have to postpone his surgery that was scheduled this week.

Instead he’ll go in for a day long glucose curve and see if we can get everything stabilized, if so we’ll shoot for the surgery the following week.

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Next up in the shoot with fashion designer J-Chan and model Adriana is a few color shots I capture, on a 1958 Rolleiflex 2.8E using Portra 800 film.

Of all the cameras I sold to pay for the surgery for Porthos – I think this one hurts the most.   There is just a certain character about that old glass that is just beautiful.   I do anticipate replacing this one at some point.

Mark Hayes Photography_0775Mark Hayes Photography_0776Mark Hayes Photography_0777Mark Hayes Photography_0778Mark Hayes Photography_0779Mark Hayes Photography_0780

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So next up on the list is a look at some of the shots I got on the shoot with fashion designer J-Chans and model Adriana with the Nikon F100.

For the camera it was an old Nikon F100 and a 50mm 1.4 lens.   Probably some of the best film camera you can buy for the money.   Great autofocus and wonderful meter.

For film this was PolyPan F from the Film Photography Project store and developed at The Darkroom.   This film is prone to a nice bit of bloom with bright highlights – but it’s only ISO 50.  Normally I only shoot this stuff on a rangefinder camera like a Leica that can handle slower shutter speeds hand held – here there’s a touch of softness from shooting wide open and under 1/60th of a second most of the time.

And yes this body and lens where sold for Pothos’s surgery.

Mark Hayes Photography_0770Mark Hayes Photography_0771Mark Hayes Photography_0772Mark Hayes Photography_0773Mark Hayes Photography_0774


Despite the fact I’m down to just a pair of Canon AE-1’s for film cameras I expect to grab more of this to shoot from time to time.



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Recently I did a shoot with J-Chans Designs and Model Adriana and while this shoot was mostly B&W film I did grab a few snaps from my Fuji XT-1 with the newly released 56mm F1.2 lens.  As to if I like this lens/body – well it is the only piece of gear I used on this shoot that I didn’t sell off for the Porthos surgery fund (although I sometimes regret not selling this and then keeping the Rolleiflex).


Mark Hayes_0760Mark Hayes_0761Mark Hayes_0762Mark Hayes_0763Mark Hayes_0764Mark Hayes_0765Mark Hayes_0766Mark Hayes_0767Mark Hayes_0768Mark Hayes_0769

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