While it may have been my last Dunafon Castle wedding for 2014, its one of my favorites.

Friends and Family:  Visit the Kree and Clayton Wedding collection and sign in to be notified when the entire collection is released online (won’t be long now).

Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0665Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0666Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0667Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0668Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0669Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0670Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0671Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0672Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0673Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0674Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0675Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0676Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0677Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0678Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0679Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0680Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0681Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0682Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0683Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0684Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0685Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0686Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0687Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0688Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0689Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0690Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0691Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0692Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0693Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0694


and while I was planning on retiring the slide shows, they practically begged for me to do at least one more.




Some of the wonderful vendors that made this day special:
Venue: Dunafon Castle
Catering: Footer’s Catering
Cake: Elegant Bakery
Flowers: Bella Calla
Entertainment: Elite DJ


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  • Kara Christensen - October 11, 2014 - 10:36 pm

    I love these! They turned out beautiful!

Beautiful day, wonderful couple, amazing day.

Friends and family be sure to visit Jamee and Corey’s Wedding Collection to see the entire collection when it is released.

Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0636Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0637Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0638Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0639Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0643Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0644Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0645Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0648Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0649Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0651Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0652Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0653Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0654Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0655Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0656Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0657Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0658Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0659Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0660Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0661Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0662Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0663Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0664


Some of the wonderful vendors that made this day special:
Venue: Dunafon Castle
Catering: Footer’s Catering
Cake: Das Meyer
Flowers: Stems
Entertainment: Masterpiece Mobile DJ Services

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While it’s hoped that every wedding day is sunny and 79 degrees, sometimes the rain and temperature falls on a wedding every now and then.   A little rain on their wedding day didn’t even slow down Christine and Zach though, and with a few neon glow rods for the party under the tent – the dancing went well into the night.

Friends and Family – be sure to sign in at Christine and Zach’s Wedding Collection to be notified when the entire collection is available for viewing.

Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0596Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0597Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0598Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0599Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0600Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0601Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0602Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0603Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0604Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0605Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0606Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0607Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0608Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0609Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0610Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0611Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0612Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0616Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0617Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0618Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0619Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0620Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0621Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0622Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0623Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0624Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0625Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0626Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0627Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0628Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0629Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0630Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0631Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0632Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0633



Some of the wonderful vendors that brought everything together to make this day special.

Venue: Dunafon Castle
Catering: Footer’s Catering
Cake: Elegant Bakery
String Quartet: Masterful Musicians
Flowers: Stems
Entertainment: DJ Guy
Photo Booth: Bamboo Booth

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While I’ve worked with Andra a time or two on weddings where she was the wedding planner it was a wonderful treat to work with her again, but this time instead of making things run smooth behind the scenes Andra’s role was that of the bride.   From Alamo Placita Park to Cuba Cuba this was a perfect example of a small intimate wedding in Denver.

Friends and Family:  Be sure to visit and register at Andra and Courtney’s Wedding Collection Gallery to be notified when the entire collection is released online.



Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0560Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0562Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0563Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0564Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0561Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0565Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0566Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0567Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0568Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0569Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0570Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0571Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0572Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0573Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0574Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0575Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0576Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0577Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0578Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0579Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0580Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0581Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0582Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0583Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0584Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0585Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0586Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0587Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0588Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0589Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0590Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0591Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0592Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0593Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0595

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