Sometimes a photograph captures reality.
Sometimes a photograph captures the imagination.
Ultimately, a photograph simply captures a moment in time.
And then,  it lives forever…………..

I coined this phrase a quite a few years ago because this really is what photographer is all about to me.  I guess it has since rung true with other photographers consider how often I find it on other web site, well I guess I'll just go with the "imitation being a form of flattery" aspect and leave it at that.

It was in 2014 that two things happened that would have a drastic impact on my photography.   First – age and health, it was becoming harder to make it though an 8-10 hour wedding without being wracked with pain for the next week.   So a day job I had gotten to make ends meet easier in the off season became my full time and only job as I shut down the photography business at the end of the wedding season.

The other impact of of the year was when my dog Porthos, who had developed diabetes that year lost his eyesight due to cataracts.  While there was a surgical option, it wasn’t pocket change.   Faced with the choice of heavy financial debt or parting with what where just “objects” the entire camera collection was sold.   Fuji X bodies to Leica’s to Rolleiflex and all the others – all gone.  All that was kept was the AE-1’s and their basic 50mm lenses and a Fuji X30 and S1 – two bridge point and shoots.

Into 2015 Porthos can see again and I’m in a spot to replace a piece of equipment or two.   Thinking to keep it simple I got back to the Fuji X bodies.   These are amazing cameras that I could use to shoot weddings, boudoir, street photography, just about anything with.