Next up in the shoot with fashion designer J-Chan and model Adriana is a few color shots I capture, on a 1958 Rolleiflex 2.8E using Portra 800 film.

Of all the cameras I sold to pay for the surgery for Porthos – I think this one hurts the most.   There is just a certain character about that old glass that is just beautiful.   I do anticipate replacing this one at some point.

Mark Hayes Photography_0775Mark Hayes Photography_0776Mark Hayes Photography_0777Mark Hayes Photography_0778Mark Hayes Photography_0779Mark Hayes Photography_0780

So next up on the list is a look at some of the shots I got on the shoot with fashion designer J-Chans and model Adriana with the Nikon F100.

For the camera it was an old Nikon F100 and a 50mm 1.4 lens.   Probably some of the best film camera you can buy for the money.   Great autofocus and wonderful meter.

For film this was PolyPan F from the Film Photography Project store and developed at The Darkroom.   This film is prone to a nice bit of bloom with bright highlights – but it’s only ISO 50.  Normally I only shoot this stuff on a rangefinder camera like a Leica that can handle slower shutter speeds hand held – here there’s a touch of softness from shooting wide open and under 1/60th of a second most of the time.

And yes this body and lens where sold for Pothos’s surgery.

Mark Hayes Photography_0770Mark Hayes Photography_0771Mark Hayes Photography_0772Mark Hayes Photography_0773Mark Hayes Photography_0774


Despite the fact I’m down to just a pair of Canon AE-1’s for film cameras I expect to grab more of this to shoot from time to time.



Recently I did a shoot with J-Chans Designs and Model Adriana and while this shoot was mostly B&W film I did grab a few snaps from my Fuji XT-1 with the newly released 56mm F1.2 lens.  As to if I like this lens/body – well it is the only piece of gear I used on this shoot that I didn’t sell off for the Porthos surgery fund (although I sometimes regret not selling this and then keeping the Rolleiflex).


Mark Hayes_0760Mark Hayes_0761Mark Hayes_0762Mark Hayes_0763Mark Hayes_0764Mark Hayes_0765Mark Hayes_0766Mark Hayes_0767Mark Hayes_0768Mark Hayes_0769

A couple of months ago at Kree’s wedding she was talking about how she had a lot of friends who had recently gotten married and she was joking about getting them all together in their wedding dresses for a drink.  I suggested High Tea at the Brown Palace, and told her if she could set it up I’d be there to document it no charge.

Well when the day came I found Kree and 10 other lovely brides in their wedding dresses, ranging in being married 37 days (Kree) to 14 years.

Denver Family Photographer_0744Denver Family Photographer_0745Denver Family Photographer_0746Denver Family Photographer_0747Denver Family Photographer_0748Denver Family Photographer_0750Denver Family Photographer_0751Denver Family Photographer_0752Denver Family Photographer_0753Denver Family Photographer_0754Denver Family Photographer_0755

and Kree’s mom

Denver Family Photographer_0756

and flower girl got in on the action as well.

Denver Family Photographer_0757Denver Family Photographer_0758Denver Family Photographer_0759

I know I’ve mentioned recently I don’t do family photos that often, but when your wife’s hair-stylist has such a cute little one it’s hard not to agree to a little mini session with a handful of rolls of film.

Denver Family Photographer_0737Denver Family Photographer_0738Denver Family Photographer_0739Denver Family Photographer_0740Denver Family Photographer_0741Denver Family Photographer_0742Denver Family Photographer_0743