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A little family session at Mount Falcon Park

I honestly don’t do a lot of family photography – it’s not my strongest style and I seldom do it for money; however, I do like to do it as a gift from time to time.   Annie from Dunafon Castle has been a good friend for many years so as the season wrapped up…

Creative Work with J-Chan’s Designs & Adriana

Back in September I had the chance to do a wonderful creative shoot with J-Chan’s designs and  artist and model Adriana.  While I had intended to make it a strict B&W film shoot – a roll of color and some digital still snuck in. Today I’m just going to give a peek at something from…


Porthos and the Camera Collection

This is my dog Porthos (a six year old Bichon Frise) tonight,   This small bed is about 3 feet behind the chair at the computer in my home office.   It’s his favorite place to be when I’m working at home.  Heck odds are if I’ve ever worked on any of your photos he…


Clayton & Kree | a Dunafon Castle Wedding

While it may have been my last Dunafon Castle wedding for 2014, its one of my favorites. Friends and Family:  Visit the Kree and Clayton Wedding collection and sign in to be notified when the entire collection is released online (won’t be long now).   and while I was planning on retiring the slide shows,…

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  • Kara Christensen

    I love these! They turned out beautiful!