I honestly don’t do a lot of family photography – it’s not my strongest style and I seldom do it for money; however, I do like to do it as a gift from time to time.   Annie from Dunafon Castle has been a good friend for many years so as the season wrapped up I did some family photos for her, both to get a little practice at some stuff learned in the FIND workshop, and to just thank her for being a good friend and running one of the smoothest venues I’d ever had the chance to work at.

Denver Family Photographer_0727Denver Family Photographer_0728Denver Family Photographer_0729Denver Family Photographer_0730Denver Family Photographer_0731Denver Family Photographer_0732Denver Family Photographer_0733Denver Family Photographer_0734Denver Family Photographer_0735Denver Family Photographer_0736


All shot on film on the (now sold for Porthos) Pentax 645N


Back in September I had the chance to do a wonderful creative shoot with J-Chan’s designs and  artist and model Adriana.  While I had intended to make it a strict B&W film shoot – a roll of color and some digital still snuck in.

Today I’m just going to give a peek at something from each camera used in the shoot.   Since I just sold all the film cameras used here to raise money for Porthos this shoot will be good for me to refer back to to decide which if any of these cameras I’ll replace when I can.


First up is the digitals.   One bonus about digital is that since I am in effect the lab on these (at least for personal work) I can make it as moody as I want without having to hope the lab got the vibe I was going for.

Shot on the Fuji XT-1 and the 56mm F1.2 lens

Denver Wedding Photographer_0722Denver Wedding Photographer_0723


Now lets take a peek at the color roll that made it in the mix.  This was shot on a 1958 Rolleiflex using Kodak 800 film.   The way this camera renders the background is just stunning.

Denver Wedding Photographer_0724


Next up is some 35mm film with a Nikon F100 and a 50mm F1.4 lens.   The film was a ISO 25 PolyPan movie film which I’ve had some stunning results with.

Denver Wedding Photographer_0725


And finally the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with good old TRI-X.    Pretty sure I had an yellow or orange filter on it with that crazy contrast.

Denver Wedding Photographer_0726


Later this week I’ll look to doing separate posts for each camera body to look at it’s best (and worst) aspects.


This is my dog Porthos (a six year old Bichon Frise) tonight,

Denver Wedding Photographer_0720


This small bed is about 3 feet behind the chair at the computer in my home office.   It’s his favorite place to be when I’m working at home.  Heck odds are if I’ve ever worked on any of your photos he was in the room with me “helping me work.”  While I don’t get too carried away about personal stuff on this site, a quick search shows more than a handful of posts he seems to show up in over the years.

As far as summers go, this poor guy has had a pretty rough run of health issues.

On our Hotchkiss vacation he ran off into some brambles with the caretakers dog of the place we where staying at.  I’m not sure what he ran into but it triggered an extreme allergic reaction, which in turn triggered a problem with his auto immune system, which brought about Type 2 Diabetes.

The diabetes has been well managed these last 5 months, but they in turn have triggered another problem.

Cataracts, and with an onset time of just a week or so.

We really noticed his loss of eyesight when we were on a trip to Oregon.   While just 10 days before he could catch a baby carrot mid-air if I threw it to him, no he couldn’t make it up and down steps nor navigate the hotel room without running into things.

We called his veterinarian and made an appointment and got him straight back to Denver.  His veterinarian confirmed the cataracts and found him to be just about totally blind.    If him being blind wasn’t bad enough the cataracts are releases proteins into the eyes, we have him on eyedrops to ease any irritation, but there are potential sides effects to this that are horrific to me.

So Porthos has a referral to an eye surgeon for next week to evaluate him for cataract surgery.   Our veterinarian thinks he’s a great candidate with a high chance of success, but we have to wait and see if the surgeon agrees.

If all is good he’ll get his surgery and the cataracts (and his eye lens) will be removed and replaced with a plastic lens.   His vision should come back immediately, if a bit on the farsighted side of things.

However surgery like this isn’t cheap, in fact it’s downright pricey.  Since he doesn’t have health insurance it’s all out of pocket (which has already been hit with some steep vet bills between him and over 1K on Ninja the cats dental work this summer).  For the most part the only way I made it through 7 years of self employment was through never getting trapped in credit card debt.  While I do have a full time day job now I still feel any interest bearing debt is something that should be the last resort, not the first.

So I’m parting with my rather extensive camera collection of personal cameras that I’ve acquired over the years.   Not long ago I posted about the nearly 20 cameras I owned, well many are already gone and many more will follow.

If your interested in cameras and gear I’ve got a bundle on Ebay,  Leica’s, Medium Format Film (Pentax, Mamiya, Rollei), and some Fuji digital equipment.   I’ll be starting up some auctions to clear out my film supply as well.   Make no mistake – these are just things, none of which have much of any sentimental value – just things.  Their value to me is nothing compared to that of my dog.

While we have options to finance it if needed, I’d still rather part with things that are just objects rather than have an outstanding debt out hanging over my head.    But make no mistake if the gear doesn’t cover it – my wife and I will do whatever it takes to make this surgery happen.

Since we’re running into the time of year where it’s all personal work on the blog – don’t be too surprised if it takes on a different look.  Instead of a wide variety of gear to pick and choose from for personal stuff I’ll have one or two very basic cameras.  I think I’ll even take the challenge of pushing my creativity to see what I can pull off without an arsenal of gear.

I’ll be posting followups to Porthos as we find out more, but in the mean time here’s a shot of one of his favorite ways to sleep.

Denver Wedding Photographer_0721


UPDATE    10/27/2014   *************************************************************************

With some brisk selling over the weekend I’ve pretty much been able to hit the target we had for the estimated surgery costs.   Our thanks go out to everyone who spread links and sent their best wishes and support.



While it may have been my last Dunafon Castle wedding for 2014, its one of my favorites.

Friends and Family:  Visit the Kree and Clayton Wedding collection and sign in to be notified when the entire collection is released online (won’t be long now).

Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0665Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0666Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0667Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0668Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0669Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0670Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0671Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0672Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0673Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0674Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0675Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0676Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0677Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0678Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0679Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0680Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0681Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0682Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0683Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0684Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0685Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0686Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0687Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0688Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0689Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0690Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0691Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0692Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0693Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0694


and while I was planning on retiring the slide shows, they practically begged for me to do at least one more.




Some of the wonderful vendors that made this day special:
Venue: Dunafon Castle
Catering: Footer’s Catering
Cake: Elegant Bakery
Flowers: Bella Calla
Entertainment: Elite DJ