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Mark Hayes is absolutely, hands down, one of the best photographers out there…… He is a true artist that is able to capture the emotion of the moment.

Event Manager Dunafon Castle and Anniversary Portrait Client


Mark- I know we have spoken over Facebook…but we just wanted to Thank You once again for the fabulous job you did. We could not have asked for anything more…it was perfect. We are so excited to see the photos of our special day, and it would not have happened without you! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts-

Nick and Nikki



Its 1 am and Seth and I just returned from a fantastic honeymoon in French Polynesia.    The first thing we did is check your website and LOVED your photos and the video montage you created!  It was amazing and made us both tear up with memories.  Of course your music selection was perfect!  Your creation was really special.

While on honeymoon, Seth and I talked about the great job you and Dane seemed to do that day, but viewing your work today, we are so pleased we booked with you.  We cant wait to see the photos!

We didnt want to tell folks we were back in town but Seth couldnt help sending close friends and family the link to your site.  Everyones shared similar compliments re your work.  The video is touching to everyone whos viewed.  If possible, can you burn the video you created to disc?  I want to keep it always! We are busy laying low (pretending to still l be out of town and away from work J)and moving into our new house- so no rush on proofs- but know that your work is well appreciated already and we cant wait to see more.

Please keep us posted.

Thank you for capturing our special day.




Sorry for my delay in touching base; I’ve wanted to respond as Julie did but have been buried under a mountain of emails and messages after our honeymoon.  Quite frustrating as I was under the impression that the world stopped when I went out of town.I just wanted to personally echo what Julie emailed you.  When we started the process of planning the wedding, I embraced the role of micro-managing and obsessively nagging Julie from behind the scenes.  We both were under a considerable stress planning in such a short time, and my constant questioning of her choices added both frustration and humor.  She did such an exceptional job with the whole event, but I am a meddler at heart and scrutinized all of her decisions.  As it came time to pick a photographer, I didn’t see much importance and simply wanted to go as cheaply as possible.  I even suggested just finding a friend, family member or college student with a “good” digital camera to knock out our pictures.

“Typical guy,” huh?  She insisted that based on your recommendations and references and the peace she had about you, that we have you document the event in pictures.  I rolled my eyes and finally deferred, moving on to other issues to micro-manage.

Working with you and Dain on the weekend of the wedding was easy and comfortable, and I felt thankful that she had chosen you as a photographer.  It was a relief upon the morning of our special day to realize that we were in such capable hands.  But I in no way expected what I saw posted on your website last week.  The professionalism, the attention to detail, the quality of shots, the capturing of emotions and special moments, the incredible slide-show that left both of us in tears… all things absolutely blew me away.

As a typical guy without any understanding or concept of the importance of photography in an event such as this, I was so impressed and blessed by your work.  I couldn’t have imagined feeling so thankful about something that I had previously taken for granted.  It’s clear that you have a gift and are very committed to being the best at what you do, and I am so grateful that we chose you.  My plan is to now take complete credit among our friends and family for the outstanding photo-journalism that we had at our wedding and reception.

Thank you again very much for your work.  Please pass along my appreciation to Dain as well.  We couldn’t be happier or more relieved at how things turned out, and I find myself wanting to plan another event and have you attend just to have access to the incredible shots that you would no doubt generate.  We will definitely be recommending you to anyone we hear of that has a need, and please feel free to use us as a reference that could assist you in any way.

Have a great holiday season…

- Seth


Hi Mark!

So after watching the slideshow about 5 times and sending it to my friends and family, I am even more thrilled than I was when I first saw it.  And that’s saying something because I was amazed when I saw it the first time.  Is there an opportunity for me to get a copy of the slideshow?  I am certainly willing to pay for it, if it is available.Thanks again so much!  I showed it to my parents, sister and her boyfriend when they were over for lunch today and it got rave reviews across the board.  My in laws teared up when they watched it.  Your work is amazing and I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the proofs.  I know I have told you that multiple times already, just wanted you to know how pleased we are with what we have seen so far.  We are so grateful for your hard work.Have a great weekend!



Mark Hayes was everything we wanted him to be.  That is an understatement.  I am a professional, commercial photographer and I know light better than most photographers.  Because of me, my wife-to-be knew lighting better than most photographers.  We were both looking for a certain style in photography and looked at many websites.  When we met Mark Hayes and told him the feel we were looking for in photography, he showed us a couple of portfolios and that was all we needed to see. At the wedding, I tried to leave him alone and not art direct.  I reasoned that I hired the right professional and, if it were me, Id want to be left alone to pursue my craft.  The results were exactly what we wanted.  I would highly recommend him to anyone for wedding photography.

Thanks – Paul (Paul and Andrea)


Without a doubt, Mark is an unbelievable photographer. He truly invests in his clients and treats you like a trusted friend, He seeks to understand what you are looking for and has the outstanding ability to capture your moments perfectly, but without even knowing he is there. This was the best money we spent on our wedding, and I look forward to when we have a family so we can use him again.

Jenn and Matt


Mark Hayes was a wonderful photographer for our wedding! My husband is a photographer and he decided that Mark Hayes was the guy to shoot our wedding, and he was the perfect choice. He helped us from the moment we inquired about him. He spent extra time preparing for our wedding, and was very prompt and fun. Our families really enjoyed him. He got some amazing pictures that people constantly complement. I am so thankful that we chose Mark Hayes as our photographer. You only get one day- and now I have the most amazing pictures to remember ours by.

Cameo (Jason and Cameo)


WOW Mark.  I don’t know what to say.  WOW.

Can’t wait to see the rest.  I will definitely be asking for some (and of course, credit the photo on my website and book!).  What a truly beautiful talent you have.  You don’t know how my heart sinks when I see these great brides and then I get the pictures back and say “oh no” (it happens a lot).  Not so with these!  Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I’ll be in touch. :-)

Cynthia   (makeup artist for Mark and Kelle)


I cannot say enough good things about Mark. From his willingness to work with us, to his vision in a photojournalistic style, Mark MADE our wedding. We didn’t want our photos to be staged, since nothing in life ever is.

Mark was there to capture all of the moments; many that we never saw he did, and that is his blessing to our wedding. He works tirelessly for you and you are truly the customer, the wedding party, the point of all attention. But when the wedding is taking place, he knows that it’s also about everyone there and how they feel about you. Photography is supposed to convey a meaning, and as dramatic as a staged shot can be, real life shots capture all of the feeling. He is a master at his art, and we are the exulted recipients.

He also delivers something that has value far beyond one’s initial thoughts: he gives a final set of all of the proofs. Let me just say that this is going to be the inherited collection, beyond what we used to build our wedding album and what we sent to friends and family. This is every shot he deemed worth printing, and once you have it in your hands, you know why print will always be better.

Chad (Chad and Tori)


Mark and his partner Dain were wonderful. They were on-time, professional and very patient. The pictures they took were gorgeous and they captured the little details that are often missed or forgotten on one of the most hectic days of your life.

Anh (Anh and Lonnie)


Mark is not only an outstanding photographer, but he is also an amazingly generous man. We are so lucky to have had him capture our unforgettable, once in a life time moments.

Thank you so much.

Warm Wishes, Mari & Kliff


Mark did a great job with his photographs in our wedding. Every time we look back at our wedding photos, they really bring us back to that special day!. He did a phenomenal job the day of our wedding, he has a great eye for capturing the moment and really knows how to tell a story through his pictures!

Sam and Gleisy


Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for the video and for featuring our wedding on your blog – and for the kind words you said about us and our family and friends. You did an amazing job and we enjoyed having you as our photographer. Thanks so much for taking the time to put the video together. It means a lot to us since our videographer didn’t show.

Thank you!!!

Benjamin and Katie


I just wanted to say that the pictures (and video) you have posted on your blog are *beautiful*. I can’t even say how much I appreciate what a fantastic job you did. You captured some really wonderful moments, and I am incredibly grateful for that. As I had told you in our meetings, the photography was one of the most important aspects of the day for me and my family, and from the previews, we can already see that we are so very lucky to have had you there on that day to document everything. Thank you *so* much.