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A couple of months ago at Kree’s wedding she was talking about how she had a lot of friends who had recently gotten married and she was joking about getting them all together in their wedding dresses for a drink.  I suggested High Tea at the Brown Palace, and told her if she could set it up I’d be there to document it no charge.

Well when the day came I found Kree and 10 other lovely brides in their wedding dresses, ranging in being married 37 days (Kree) to 14 years.

Denver Family Photographer_0744Denver Family Photographer_0745Denver Family Photographer_0746Denver Family Photographer_0747Denver Family Photographer_0748Denver Family Photographer_0750Denver Family Photographer_0751Denver Family Photographer_0752Denver Family Photographer_0753Denver Family Photographer_0754Denver Family Photographer_0755

and Kree’s mom

Denver Family Photographer_0756

and flower girl got in on the action as well.

Denver Family Photographer_0757Denver Family Photographer_0758Denver Family Photographer_0759

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While it may have been my last Dunafon Castle wedding for 2014, its one of my favorites.

Friends and Family:  Visit the Kree and Clayton Wedding collection and sign in to be notified when the entire collection is released online (won’t be long now).

Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0665Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0666Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0667Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0668Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0669Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0670Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0671Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0672Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0673Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0674Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0675Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0676Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0677Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0678Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0679Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0680Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0681Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0682Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0683Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0684Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0685Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0686Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0687Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0688Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0689Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0690Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0691Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0692Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0693Dunafon Castle Weddings Photographer_0694


and while I was planning on retiring the slide shows, they practically begged for me to do at least one more.




Some of the wonderful vendors that made this day special:
Venue: Dunafon Castle
Catering: Footer’s Catering
Cake: Elegant Bakery
Flowers: Bella Calla
Entertainment: Elite DJ


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While it’s hoped that every wedding day is sunny and 79 degrees, sometimes the rain and temperature falls on a wedding every now and then.   A little rain on their wedding day didn’t even slow down Christine and Zach though, and with a few neon glow rods for the party under the tent – the dancing went well into the night.

Friends and Family – be sure to sign in at Christine and Zach’s Wedding Collection to be notified when the entire collection is available for viewing.

Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0596Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0597Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0598Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0599Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0600Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0601Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0602Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0603Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0604Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0605Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0606Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0607Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0608Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0609Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0610Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0611Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0612Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0616Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0617Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0618Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0619Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0620Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0621Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0622Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0623Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0624Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0625Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0626Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0627Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0628Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0629Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0630Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0631Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0632Denver Wedding Documentary Photographer_0633



Some of the wonderful vendors that brought everything together to make this day special.

Venue: Dunafon Castle
Catering: Footer’s Catering
Cake: Elegant Bakery
String Quartet: Masterful Musicians
Flowers: Stems
Entertainment: DJ Guy
Photo Booth: Bamboo Booth

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