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So you might remember earlier this year when there was a horrendous traffic jam coming back to Denver from the high country.  Well the day of Jamee and Corey’s engagement session was the worst of those days.   Despite the hours spent getting home – it was well worth the trip.   Looking forward to a little warmer weather for their wedding this summer.:-)



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Had the pleasure of meeting up with Brandi and Charles last month for their engagement session and wanted to share some of the results.

Friends and family can view the entire session here: Brandi and Charles Engagement




At the risk of sounding like a broken record – of course when it comes time for portraits in this light medium format film always is my favorite.


As with the last engagement session I experimented on a few shots with Nik’s Analog Efex Pro, and like the last shot while I like some of the results it does feel a bit gimmicky and honestly pales in it’s “analog film like look and feel” to the real thing – although I do like some of the light leak and distortion  effects.


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Just over two years ago I documented her sister Kacey’s wedding - and next summer I’ll be doing the same at her wedding.   It’s always nice when when a close friend or family member of one of my previous brides reaches out to have me photograph their wedding.

Met up with Kenda and Elliott in Golden to capture a few shots.   Mix of digital and film on this one, of course as usual I think the film portraits are amongst my favorites.



and of course a few of my film favorites.




Recently NIK came out with an update to their digital editing software called Analog Effects Pro.   Now I’m a big fan of if I want it to look like film – I’ll shoot film – and rarely do I like effects that try (and usually fail horribly) to mimic the look and feel of film that I love so much.   But still I’ve been a big fan of NIK’s Silver EFEX and Viveza so I thought I’d give it a try.



I did find I liked some of the vintage camera options – light leaks and all.   A little too “gimmicky” I think for most wedding work but it might find itself being used from time to time in personal projects where I wish I had my Holga with me or something a little rough around the edges for a certain shot.

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