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Long Live Film

Here’s a great documentary on film photography from Kodak and one of my favorite film labs, Indie Film Lab. One thing that struck me is about the 22:00 minute mark a photographer is talking about being at a fireworks show and how he found himself surrounded by people trying to capture it on their smartphones,…

Infrared Bridal Portrait Session

There’s a drawback to having more cameras than you can carry – sometimes one gets overlooked a lot.   This season I’ve been leaving my modified infrared camera home far more often than not.   So when a Adriana contacted me about wanting to do some shots for the infrared series and she had a…

Vintage automobiles and black and white film – a perfect match

This is from one of my personal film projects, and I love this one so much I’ve got a 20×30 canvas of this print in my living room.   This early 30’s Chrysler belongs to the Dunafon family and I’ve had the chance to photograph it a time or two over the years up at…

  • dan

    This automobile is not an Imperial. Several clues: Hood-too short, cowl lamps-too small, windshield-wrong visor,does not have two-piece split windshield; bumper-too small, wrong medallions; tires-too small, running boards-too flat; rear fenders-lack Imperial trim. My best guess is a 1930-31 Chrysler CJ six