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Creative Work with J-Chan’s Designs & Adriana

Back in September I had the chance to do a wonderful creative shoot with J-Chan’s designs and  artist and model Adriana.  While I had intended to make it a strict B&W film shoot – a roll of color and some digital still snuck in. Today I’m just going to give a peek at something from…


Porthos and the Camera Collection

This is my dog Porthos (a six year old Bichon Frise) tonight,   This small bed is about 3 feet behind the chair at the computer in my home office.   It’s his favorite place to be when I’m working at home.  Heck odds are if I’ve ever worked on any of your photos he…


Shooting at Night with Film – FIND Workshop – Film Is Not Dead

In August of this year I had the pleasure to attend the FIND (or Film Is Not Dead) Workshop hosted by film photographer and author Jonathan Canlas.  While there’s a larger post/review in the works I wanted to share a few images from a late (like midnight late) night photo walk down around Colfax just…

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Interview with Fine Art Wedding Photographer Lisa O’Dwyer

Today on the blog I’m going to do something you won’t see a lot of photographers doing – and that’s showcasing another photographer in their own market. Lisa O’Dwyer is a fine art film photographer based in Colorado, but who photographs weddings worldwide. Lisa studied Art History and Fine Arts in college. After further studies…

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  • Thanks so much Mark! it is always a pleasure to connect with another film photographer that is as passionate as I am! So happy to meet you in person and spend the day photographing with you!