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Getting to know your photographer

When you know you’ve chosen the wrong photographer Every once in a while Aaron Johnson over at “What the Duck” really nails it.   Almost every wedding photographer I know wants to meet with the couple to get to know them.  Heck that’s the reason I include a engagement session in every full day wedding…

Egyptian Shoot – Behind the scenes and how it was done

I’ve had a lot of questions from other photographers about how I shot the egyptian shots I recently posted so I thought I’d do a more detailed blog on the hows and whys of the shoot and how we got to the point I had images like this coming out of the camera without any…

  • And that’s exactly why you’re my favorite 🙂

    Did you snap some shots while I was working too? If so, could you send them to me?

  • Shannon Von Eschen

    You’re amazing. I can’t comprehend it. =)

What's in the bag

What’s in the bag? Photographers are gear geeks.  We’re often looking at each others stuff and comparing notes.   Here’s a list of my current favorites.      Q: What camera, lens, flash, etc do you shoot with?  A: I’m addicted to things Canon. Cameras, lenses + accessories.   Canon Cameras  5D mkII, 5D, Xsi…