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Red Rocks Bridal Portrait Session

So with Beau and Bella and Houser safely tucked away it was time for Melanie to switch over to her wedding gown and get some wonderful and stunning bridal photographs. Photographers – check back and this weekend I’ll put up a post with some behind the scenes info on these shots and how this was…

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  • Brantley Freeman

    Haven’t been to your blog in a while and decided to pop in! I love these shots, simply gorgeous lighting! Beautiful work, as always!

Summer Newsletter

A*list – Best of Denver A*List’s Best of Denver Mark Hayes Photography has again been nominated for the A*List on channel 7 for Best in Denver under the category of photographer. The competition for this is always tough, this year no less than before. The fact that I know a lot of these other wedding…

The Long Wait – Studio Bridal Session

Normally I wrap up a wonderful session with a client I’m excited to make a posting about it here.  But this time I had to keep it under wraps.  This time it was a bridal session for the lovely Daliana, and I couldn’t risk her soon to be husband seeing the images.  But this post…