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Monday Special Offer – The 'tweens

This weeks special offer was inspired by my granddaughter and a recent photo of her.  There’s always the big push to photograph the kids when they are younger and of course there’s many milestones from 15-18 worthy of a session, but what about those in between, the ‘tweens.   The ‘tweens are no longer children…

Family Photos

A while back I had the wonderful chance to shoot some family photos for Andrea who has modeled for me professionally in the past.   We worked on some “Relationships” fine art B&W images as well as some “Pure Heart” hi-key and just some fun color shots.

Old friends and new styles.

One of my favorite things now is having old friends into the studio to do a portrait session for them. Recently was a mother/daughter shoot for a former co-worker Deanna and her daughter Elizabeth. While I normally try and limit children shoots to just one style so they don’t get too bored, Elizabeth was excellent…


I’ve been studying a few new portrait styles, one of them, relationships, captures the connection between the people in the image. It didn’t take me long to realize I’d been shooting this “new style” for a few years at my old job, only we called it Pets with People instead of Relationship photography. It’s all…