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Perspective – Christmas Family Photos

I really hadn’t planned on doing a photo session on Christmas day. Oh I had thought about it, and considered that it might be worth a premium price. But this last year my family has made a lot of sacrifices because of the business and the studio. I didn’t want to to anything to impact…

  • That was so nice of you to do this for the family, Mark! The pictures turned out well. I especially like the last one.

  • They turned out great! Good work!

Merry Christmas from Mark Hayes Photography

I just wanted to share our holiday cards with those who we might have missed on our mailing list this year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • Merry Christmas! Great photos! 😀

  • Love these photos!!

  • What a fun christmas card! I love the blue and orange too!

  • Mark! These cracked me up! I would have fallen on the floor laughing upon receiving this at Christmas time! I hope your holidays were great! You have given me inspiration for a holiday card next year! Happy New Year!

  • These are so fun!!!

  • Great photos, adding some fun to the festives…

  • These are awesome! they really look fun! I’ve never made a Christmas card before…was planning on doing it for Christmas just passed, but was really ill, so hopefully, I’ll get around to doing on next year! Should already be on the lookout for inspiration i guess!

John and Natasha

Every once in a while you come across a couple where you just tell yourself, I have to shoot their wedding. John and Natasha is just such a couple. When I first talked to Natasha on the phone she was stressed, nervous, and trying to put together a wedding in a few weeks instead of…

  • Mark – such beautiful images that really tell a story, you have captured the love and personality of this stunning couple. Very inspirational. Leah

  • Felicia

    John and Natasha congrats! John, you are my best friend since FVSU baby! I am so happy for you both. Natasha, please take care of my best friend. Sorry I was unable to make it to the wedding. I am sure we all will go meet and go on trips. John, you are the brother I never had. Love you John! xoxoxoxo

Oopppsss Christmas In December correction

OK I made an error in the first Christmas in December flyer – I had it listed as a cost for one of the most expensive cards and not factoring in the differing price points.   So here’s the correction.  Cost is the cost of the first box, and this starts at $85 a box…