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The Green Package – iPad Wedding Collection

Like many Americans I’m concerned about the current state of environmental issues and am always on the lookout for ways that I can make small changes both personally and with my business to help make positive changes.   Living in and doing business as a wedding photographer in Colorado the beauty of our environment is…

Marianne and Daniel – January 2nd 2010

Well 2010 got off to an amazing start for a simple Colorado wedding photographer like myself with a wonderful wedding on the 2nd of January.  It was cold but warmed a bit from the sub zero temps just days before and the skies where clear. Assisting me on this one was Dain of Photography by…

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First Look

It’s not uncommon for a couple to break traditional a little and see each other before the ceremony on their wedding day.  It often helps with the scheduling of the day as well as the stress – after all don’t you want to spend more time with that special person on your wedding day. Of…

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  • Mark,

    Haven’t touched base in a while. Just wanted to write and tell you that we both LOVE when the couple sees each other prior to the ceremony. Gives us a chance to capture that first glance and that moment perfectly. It also gets some of the other photography done early so that the couple can more quickly enjoy their reception.

    Anyway, hope you are well.

    Bill Nixon

Wei and Vicky’s Engagement Celebration

Most of the time when a wedding photographer does an engagement session with a couple it’s an afternoon shooting with the two of them coming up with some cute pictures somewhere.  When Wei and Vicky contacted they explained this might be a little different than what I was used to.   The celebration would start…

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  • stunning! you never fail to capture every single moment and detail, i love the 3rd one down!

A Few More – Joe and Audrey's wedding at Phipps Mansion

Getting ready to pull these off to the archive drive and while I’ll do a bigger post next week I wanted to share a few more special photos from Joe and Audrey’s recent wedding at the Phipps Mansion Tennis Pavilion. Of course one of the greatest things about my job is some of the wonderful…

  • Can I please have a piece of that cake?!

  • beautiful wedding!

  • Always a pleasure to view your photography. Beautiful moments you caught on the bride and the parents.
    Enjoyed the reminder of the value the brides expression will bring in years to come. You nailed it.

  • You don’t do photography in Australia do you? Love the quality and perspectives of the photos.

  • […] image from Joe and Audrey’s wedding at the Phipps Mansion Tennis Pavilion was my entry for the Emotion category.  The bride is […]