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There’s a lot of fun ways to spend a Sunday afternoon, but kicking around town with two awesome clients like Mark and Kelle ranks up there pretty high.   For me it’s just a huge benefit to invest this time with the couple before the wedding, get to know them better as they get to…

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  • Super amazing photos, Mark..! As usual, I love your work and couples are lucky to have you there, shooting beautiful photos..! 🙂


Sometimes in being a wedding and portrait photographer you get to meet some amazing people, Ryan and Maggie are just such a pair of people. Ryan contacted me a few weeks ago to do a photo session of Maggie and himself on the 4th of July.   Since the day was one of my few…

  • Mark, these are wonderful and how special to be a part of a moment like that! I love all the emotion you have captured- Ryan and Maggie will treasure these!

  • This is such a beautiful story! What a treasure that you were there to capture the special day for this gorgeous couple. Love the colors in that first image!


  • what a wonderful story, and what beautiful photographs.
    you were very blessed to be part of such a special moment in their lives. great job.

  • awww i love these, beautiful story, and so sweet!!

  • Mark, great session. Its allways fun to photograph real moments, and it turned out amazing.

  • Mark,

    Well done! Wish I could have flown you to new york for my proposal!!!