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Brit and Chaz – Morningside Manor Wedding – Colorado Film Photography

It’s always special when there’s a pre-existing relationship with the couple going into a wedding.   In this case my #1 assistant and partner in crime, Dain, new the brides family and had done some portrait work in the past for them.   When Brit and Chaz made their plans to get married their first…

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Ben and Jenna – Dunafon Castle Wedding

It was a huge honor to help launch the wedding season up at Dunafon Castle by photographing the first wedding of the year up there with Ben and Jenna. Jenna’s choice of colors producing some amazing imagery shot against the spring greenery at Dunafon.   Friends and Family:  Be sure to check out the entire…

Ty and Julie’s Dunafon Castle Wedding – Denver Wedding Photographers

Wether it’s the beginning of the wedding season, or nearing the end, Dunafon Castle is always one of my favorite wedding venues and it was such an honor and pleasure to document Ty and Julie’s wedding last week for our last wedding at the castle for 2011. The fall day was near perfect and from…

  • You did an amazing job capturing a lovely moment 🙂

    x Lovely

  • Kathy, Ty's mom and Julie's mother-in-law

    (current email soon to change)


    WOW….these are absolutely amazing! I am speechless because they are so beautiful. I love the slideshow as well! My son and I dancing still brings tears to my eyes like it did that night. You are absolutely the BEST, and we all will forever cherish your talent, your attention to detail, and the way in which you capture the emotions felt by all to see this perfect couple on their perfect wedding day! Thank you so much!

“Digital Lifestyle” A new iPad proof option

Proofs.   Not a lot of photographers still give these out with every wedding package, many are more than happy to just let you have the disc of “digital proofs” and call that good.   Myself I have two reasons why this doesn’t work for me as a photographer. I like physical things.   To…