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John and Natasha

Every once in a while you come across a couple where you just tell yourself, I have to shoot their wedding. John and Natasha is just such a couple. When I first talked to Natasha on the phone she was stressed, nervous, and trying to put together a wedding in a few weeks instead of…

  • Mark – such beautiful images that really tell a story, you have captured the love and personality of this stunning couple. Very inspirational. Leah

  • Felicia

    John and Natasha congrats! John, you are my best friend since FVSU baby! I am so happy for you both. Natasha, please take care of my best friend. Sorry I was unable to make it to the wedding. I am sure we all will go meet and go on trips. John, you are the brother I never had. Love you John! xoxoxoxo

Renewal, Shaun and Alex

Sometimes getting married once is not enough for some couples. Shaun and Alex first marriage was a small and private ceremony. A while down the road they walked down the isle again but this time with a hall of family and friends in attendance. Of course the greatest thing about a married couple getting married…

  • I love the first image with the little girl. That’s a one in a million shot!

  • Their daughter is so cute, I could cry!

  • Beautiful wedding. I love that last shot. Stunning.

Sample Albums

With moving so my blogs around a few times this last year I think I’ve lost a few posts dealing with my sample album layouts, so to catch up here’s a few from this year.  Sam & Sara’s wedding at Dunafon Castle sample album spread. In many ways this one is almost too easy with…

Retainer Split

OK, raise your hands if this last year was tough on you financially.    Yup, I thought so.  Same here.   With the holidays fast approaching I realize the wedding date retainer of $1000 can be tough and might impact family holiday plans.   Since I resemble Santa Claus a lot more than Mr. Scrooge…