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A few weekends back I volunteered my time to work a photo station for the Dumb Friends League Wagon Trails fund raising event to benefit their Castle Rock shelter, The Buddy Center.  Looks like they raised almost $90,000 for the day so it was definitely a great way to spend the day. They had three…

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  • […] was those who had went to the 3rd floor, and as the electrical wires sparked, it started a fire. Wagon Trails – DFL Raises almost 90,000 for the animals – 09/28/2009 A few weekends back I volunteered my time to work a […]

Last week I had the pleasure to work with my former employer and favorite non-profit, the Dumb Friends League.   A staple of the Denver animal welfare scene since 1910 the name of the League goes back to a time when dumb more commonly meant “cannot speak”, their motto being “Speaking for those who cannot…

  • Great cause you are working for, and I love these photos! 🙂 The cat ones especially! 😀

  • nice work :0)

  • Awww, these are so adorable. Look at the love these animals bring 😉

  • Wow – you’ve inspired me to make some calls to animal charities in my area. Love the interaction you’ve captured between the people and the animals.