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Clayton & Kree | a Dunafon Castle Wedding

While it may have been my last Dunafon Castle wedding for 2014, its one of my favorites. Friends and Family:  Visit the Kree and Clayton Wedding collection and sign in to be notified when the entire collection is released online (won’t be long now).   and while I was planning on retiring the slide shows,…

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  • Kara Christensen

    I love these! They turned out beautiful!

Brandi and Charlie’s Dunafon Castle Wedding

While the rain slowed things down a time or two, it certainly didn’t stop anything when it came to this wonderful wedding. Friends and Family:   Be sure to log in at Brandi & Charlies Wedding Collection Gallery to be notified when the entire collection is released online next week.         and…

Rachel and Connor’s Dunafon Castle Wedding

Beautiful, that’s really the best single word I can come up with to describe Rachel and Connor’s Dunafon Castle Wedding.   It was also quite the wedding for accents, friends and family from Australia, Germany, and in addition to Dain Linder my usual associate photographer I had the pleasure of having fine art film photographer…


Dunafon Castle Winter Wedding – Tyler and Lindsey

2013 was a wonderful year, lots of first.   I wanted to get the last post of the year done with the last wedding of the year, and for the last it had some wonderful firsts. If you’ve seen all the wonderful Dunafon weddings on the blog, you’ll notice that this was the first Dunafon…

James and Suzie – A Dunafon Castle Wedding

My last Dunafon Castle wedding for the summer season was just about perfect.   Great couple, beautiful details, a beautiful night of dancing, smores for the guests, and just a touch of rain to make you appreciate the sunshine afterwards.   Friends and family: be sure to visit the James and Suzie catalog to view…