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Retainer Split

OK, raise your hands if this last year was tough on you financially.    Yup, I thought so.  Same here.   With the holidays fast approaching I realize the wedding date retainer of $1000 can be tough and might impact family holiday plans.   Since I resemble Santa Claus a lot more than Mr. Scrooge…

Seasons Of Change

Text Copy of the Fall 2008 Newsletter.    Changing Seasons It is truly a season of change upon us.  A changing political landscape.  The changing of the trees.  Summer is behind us and the winter holidays loom on the near horizon.  It’s also been a time of change with Mark Hayes Photography.  Much of this…

Fall Family Photos

This fall I received a phone call from the “H” family and was asked to come out to their home to capture some photos.    They had a lovely little tree that was turning in the backyard and wanted to use that as a backdrop.   Upon arrival I met the most wonderful family, with…

  • These are so beautiful! Love the processing!

  • Vanessa

    I love the post processing on these!!

Michelle Senior Session

While most of my senior sessions have been from Denver, a few from Thornton and Broomfield, Michelle wins the prize for the longest trip made.   Coming down from Craig where she’s finishing off her senior year while her family has relocated to Denver.  She made the trip down with her boyfriend and along with…

  • This is a great set. I’m sure she LOVES these. My favorite is the sepia headshot with her chin on her hand…. her eyes look amazing. Nice work!

  • I LOVE LOVE the 1st and 2nd one. She looks so beautiful. Great composition and colors. I wish there were senior portions like this when i was in high school. This will NEVER look awkward high schoolish

  • Great work! Love the processing and textures as well! I bet she loved these!