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Infrared and Day trip to the mountains

As I’m previously mention I’ve recently had one of my backup cameras converted to full time infrared and I’ve still be putting it through its paces, seeing how it reacts in different circumstances.   I really wanted to see how it handled studio light, I was expecting it just to be a slightly different looking…

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Now for something completely different………

Sometimes it’s fun to do something different, and working with Jessica at J-Chans designs almost is always different.  This time it wasn’t tea parties, but rather egyptian pharaohs with the help of Massachusetts model Jeffery Forlorn.   A great model and superb make up artist and designer makes an easy job for a photographer.   Setup – shot…


I always love it when I get new clients after seeing the work I did for a friend of theirs. This was the case with Jasmine. One of the most difficult parts was finding a unique style for the session, when I asked her what about my work she liked her replay was simply, “everything”….

ALT Fashion

One of the most unique clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with this last year has been Jessica of J-Chans Designs.  An award winning costume designer and makeup artist whose vision and style is truely unique.   Recently her designs where featured in the UK magazine ALT Fashion.  Next month she’ll be featured in Gothic Beauty….