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Deanna and Elizabeth Film Portraits

So I was out enjoying the spring weather this weekend at one of my favorite spots to shoot – and was reminded of the last time I was here with Deanna and Elizabeth last fall.   It occurred to me I never did a blog post of that shoot. So here’s a few of my…

Timeless – Leica Film Wedding Photography

Maybe it’s just my age showing – but when I think of some of the amazing photographs I’ve seen over the years I always tend to think of B&W film photographs.  While I’ve gotten pretty darn good at digital B&W work over the last decade – every once in a while I still come across…


Phil and Rachel’s Lionsgate Center Wedding

When both the bride and groom for the wedding work in the stage lighting industry – well you know they are going to turn their destination wedding at Lionsgate Event Center into something amazing.   Friends and Family: be sure to visit Phil and Rachel’s Wedding Collection to view the entire collection when it’s released….