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I had an interesting break today from the normal weddings and such that I normally do.      First up was Marina, a wonderful woman I met a few years ago while working on a pageant for a local russian newspaper.  Seems Marina and her mother now work on russian fashion clothes for collector dolls.   So…

Wow what a year. Retired from the Dumb Friends League. Moved from a 230sqft studio to an 1800sqft studio. Poise and Shades Model Management Fashion Shows J-Chans Designs My first chance to attend a Furry Scurry Senior Photos Wedding Fever Stock and Getty and the creative projects. I fired a little over 30,000 frames this…

  • Wow, look at all those images…very impressive! Your photography is awesome..

  • Ok I am total love with you work! Especially the studio and senior work…AMAZING!!! What a fantastic slideshow !

  • Awesome work. Keep up the good job. I am a B schooler and would appreciate a hit back on mine. http://www.photosbynick.com/blog

  • wow congrats on a prosperous 2008! love your work!

  • ok that’s a lot of photos! great stuff Mark – hope next year is even better!

  • Your work is gorgeous! Congratulations on a fabulous year.

  • Nice stuff!

  • your portrait and wedding photography is awesome! The different lighting techniques blows me away, you now have a blogstalker 🙂 hope your 2009 is even better than 2008!

  • Amazing! Love your fashion work!

  • I love your fashion shots! Awesome makeup too!

  • Awesome set of work!!!!!!

  • killer portfolio! you have some very nice images there. hoping 2009 will even be better

  • And how many of that 30,000 are mine? Great job Mark! I’m very impressed with what you’ve accomplished within a year. Don’t give up!

  • Mark

    If I where to break it down by the numbers I’d guess your stuff Jessica makes up an huge piece of that, if only because the outfits are so cool I take far more shots than needed.

  • Fantastic variety of portraits!

One of the most unique clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with this last year has been Jessica of J-Chans Designs.  An award winning costume designer and makeup artist whose vision and style is truely unique.   Recently her designs where featured in the UK magazine ALT Fashion.  Next month she’ll be featured in Gothic Beauty….