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Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday 07-25-2011

It’s been a while so I’m going to jump all over the place here for this one. ******************************************************* Why do people say “Real Weddings” I used to wonder about this until I started noticing a lot of photographers and wedding sites showing images that clearly where not taken at a real wedding but rather a…

Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday – Let’s give them something to talk about

While I write about myself all the time I must admit it’s sometimes weird to see other people writing about me, but that’s happened a couple of times lately. ******************************************************* Bridalize, one of Denver’s best wedding boutique’s, saw my post recently about ranking in the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association and made mention…

  • Mark,
    First off, that shot of the little boys on Bridalize? ADORABLE!

    Second, I am so incredibly inspired by you — what you have done since our Road Show is REMARKABLE! And I hope you love seeing everybody leave such awesome comments as much as I do! To be an inspiration both as a photographer and as someone who’s made a major life change? GOOD FOR YOU FRIEND!!!

  • Congrats Mark, that’s amazing!