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Porthos – 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

Porthos waiting for his pre-surgery checkup at VRCC.   Well with the liquidation of most of my photography gear we had the funds needed for the cataract surgery in place, now to do the pre-surgery checkup of the eyes, retina’s, optic nerve, etc to make sure everything looked good for the surgery. The good news…

  • Lani Kian

    Hope his health improves/stabilizes. Thinking healthy thoughts for that adorable sweetheart!!

  • Chris Martin

    Hope theres been improvement in the little ones health!

Happy Birthday Porthos

So besides working on Jennifer and Matt’s wedding this Saturday this weekend was also an important day around the house for us, it was the first birthday of Porthos. Yup the little guy turned 1 this weekend so we packed him up and took him to one of his favorite places, Petsmart to looks at…

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  • Mark, you are wonderful and inspiring!! May you always find so much joy in life. xo

Couch thief – Porthos

Nothing worse than having your spot on the couch stolen by a couch thief. and then when you try and regain your spot you’re given the guilt trip.    Takes “puppy dog eyes” to an all new level. Fine – I’ll have my morning coffee at the kitchen table.

  • […] was registered on September 15. Apparently Google thinks today is a good day to celebrate. Couch thief – Porthos – 09/27/2009 Nothing worse than having your spot on the couch stolen […]

  • This is adorable!! My dogs do the same thing! …and I have the same couch. 😉

Night Shooting with Illuminate Workshops

Earlier this month my wife and I took some time to go one a monthly photowalk that Efrain from Illuminate Workshops organizes every month free of charge.    This photowalk was down at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Despite the fact that I shoot professionally as a Denver wedding photographer, I still…

  • now those are gorgeous shots. I could definitely see how you can use these skills in wedding photography/engagements as well. that is awesome that you have this ws available. I am scheduleed to do the “One Light” ws this fall.

  • Mark, these are amazing. I’m just a little bit jealous of the cool landscape and your amazingly starry nights out there. Here we have a nice orange north-east haze at night. Sigh.