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Shave and a Haircut – 2 bits

OK, a few days ago I posted a before picture of how scruffy Porthos can get after just about 2 months in between clips, so just to show the difference here’s a few after pics.    

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  • Awwww… how cute..! I know the feeling. We have a little bull terrier that we adore and when we go on vacation it’s heartbreaking just to leave her. We actually put her up at ‘The Pet Lodge’ in New York where we watch her every move online. They have rooms with videocams..! Funny, right…! Awwww… Porthos is adorable..!!



Spring Newsletter

Here’s a copy of our spring newsletter. Wedding Season 2009 The 2009 wedding season has begun and looks to be a wonderful year despite the overall economy. While our clients’ wedding budgets are tighter, we’ve been able to tailor packages to suit our clients’ exact needs so they’re only paying for what they want. While…

22nd Anniversary and Porthos

As our 22nd anniversary showed up on the horizon my wife and I starting discussing what we wanted to do to celebrate. Since I’ve been dealing with a bad case of pneumonia this last month we really didn’t plan on doing much – hospital stays and frequent follow up visits along with recovery has been…

  • AWWW!! We had a bichon growing up. His name was Lucky. I miss him!!!! (No, he didn’t die. My mom & dad gave him away without telling us while away at college. I still haven’t fully recovered. haha) Have fun with Porthos!!! Congrats.

  • I was wondering who that adorable puppy was in your MySpace photos! I love the little smile he’s got in the last picture with Linda hugging him.

    Where did you get him?

  • Definitely opposite of moose, but very cute and cuddly none the less! Love the name too 🙂

  • brantley freeman

    Aww how sweet! I love your newest addition. We have a little chihuahua! Growing up we had a german shepherd that I loved so so much! Enjoy all the love these sweet creatures give back! 🙂