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Seasons Of Change

Text Copy of the Fall 2008 Newsletter.    Changing Seasons It is truly a season of change upon us.  A changing political landscape.  The changing of the trees.  Summer is behind us and the winter holidays loom on the near horizon.  It’s also been a time of change with Mark Hayes Photography.  Much of this…

Site Revamp

We’ve tweaked the main website about for a different look. Brought the portrait and wedding sides together into a single combined set of pages with a cleaner interface. Looks like everything is over. We’ll be tweaking the images over the next month or two as well as adding a new gallery to showcase some of…

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  • Mark

    It’s funny – but right now I’m very much regretting the decision to cancel the showit site. There was just something about what they offered that appealed to me I think on a level beyond simple appearance. I might have to re-think this sooner rather than later.


Just wanted to make a short post about what’s going on with Mark Hayes Photography and at the studio.  The senior sessions the last two months has been and overwhelming success.  I think next year we’ll vary the offerings on this one a bit, from a simpler low end package to a higher end package with more…

Short Session

Due to time constraints we approached Alanna’s session as just a normal short portrait session instead of the senior session blow out – but I’m still very pleased with the results and hope Alana and her mom will be as well. 

What's in the bag

What’s in the bag? Photographers are gear geeks.  We’re often looking at each others stuff and comparing notes.   Here’s a list of my current favorites.      Q: What camera, lens, flash, etc do you shoot with?  A: I’m addicted to things Canon. Cameras, lenses + accessories.   Canon Cameras  5D mkII, 5D, Xsi…