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LIghting Workshop – High School Senior Photos

Recently I had the opportunity to help teach a local workshop through MHP – Mile High Photographers. The workshop was built around using various lighting in different types of photo shoots. I had the pleasure of teaching High School Seniors lighting setups using a simple two light studio strobe setup and an in studio set….

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  • It’s SO fun to see your images from that day! I was stuck in that side room all day and I didn’t get to see at all what you guys were doing! 🙂 Your images look great!

Half Session

Devin’s session was a short notice – “have to get the images for the yearbook” asap session.   So we knocked out some studio stuff and he’ll come back for the rest of the session and bring his hockey gear for more of the stuff that makes senior shots so much fun and more than…


I always love it when I get new clients after seeing the work I did for a friend of theirs. This was the case with Jasmine. One of the most difficult parts was finding a unique style for the session, when I asked her what about my work she liked her replay was simply, “everything”….

Sheridan Senior Session Part 1

Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of modern life getting everything done all at once is a problem.  This week I had a wonderful senior session with a lovely young lady by the name of Sheridan.  By the time everyone was able to get to the studio it was late enough that we simply didn’t…

Jackson Senior Photos

Had the chance to work with a wonderful young man this week, Jackson. Most of the time while doing senior sessions if a sport theme is involved you have basketball, football, or baseball – maybe lacrosse. What was unique about Jackson was the sport of question was rugby. So half the session was shot at…