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Just wanted to make a short post about what’s going on with Mark Hayes Photography and at the studio.  The senior sessions the last two months has been and overwhelming success.  I think next year we’ll vary the offerings on this one a bit, from a simpler low end package to a higher end package with more…

What's in the bag

What’s in the bag? Photographers are gear geeks.  We’re often looking at each others stuff and comparing notes.   Here’s a list of my current favorites.      Q: What camera, lens, flash, etc do you shoot with?  A: I’m addicted to things Canon. Cameras, lenses + accessories.   Canon Cameras  5D mkII, 5D, Xsi…

Somethings in the "AIR" tonight…..

  So the other new site located at www.mhp-weddings.com is built from a template/authoring suite called “showitfast“.     Showitfast is the latest edition to the showit series of software tools for photographers from renowned wedding photographer David Jay.   While not a programmer himself David Jay found things that photographers needed, found the programmers…

  • Melissa

    I have a bludomain site and they do flash indexing now. For months! I am a fan of bludomain for several of the reasons you mentioned! I do not have time to design! good luck!

  • Mark

    Good to know about the flash indexing – although I missed anything on the Blu blogs or support side to indicate this is indeed the case.

    However so far I can confirm that the Blu sites seem to receive much more traffic from the search engines than the showit site is.

  • Thanks for the post I’ve been thinking about these two for my new website, but haven’t decided on which way to go. It’s nice to have a review with some options.


The Blu sites

Today I’m going to talk about the “Blu” sites.   Myself, like many other photographers who don’t have the desire to knock out their own website (besides – like I have to to learn flash) turn to a variety of template hosting companies that are designed around photography and the arts.  One such company is…

Not 1, Not 2, But 3……

Brand spanking new web sites launched today for Mark Hayes Photography. From my main domain ( http://markhayesphotography.com/ ) you’ll find the two main new sites.  Since weddings have been taking so much of my time lately I thought it was about time to give the wedding side of the business it’s own web presence.   When…

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  • Author Dorian Wallace

    Hi there! Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your photography! My cover artist and I chose one of your models from istock for the cover of my first book!
    Thank you 🙂