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Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday – Me and Becker 3 years later

Last week we had a huge treat for Denver area photographers, three Denver photo groups Mile High Photographers, Pictage User Group, and Smugmug User group joined their meetings together and hosted [b] or Becker – a photographer from California who besides running a great wedding photography business devotes a huge amount of time towards helping…

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  • wow! what a difference 3 years makes. i am so proud of both of us. keep it up bud! great seeing you last week!

Ripples in the Pond – Photography, New Years Resolutions, Declarations, inspiration, and paying it forward

As we enter the new year and everyone is making their New Years Resolutions I’ve got to come out and say I’m not a huge fan of News Year Resolutions and like many people the amount of times over the years I’ve made the resolution to loose a few pounds goes back decades. Those resolutions…

  • Mark, this is so so awesome! Can I help share your story by mentioning you on my blog? I’d love to do that and I just cannot BELIEVE how far you’ve come. It’s so inspiring, friend!

    Hope we can reconnect at WPPI!

  • Mark Hayes - Denver Wedding Photographer

    By all means, feel free to share.